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is the hardest part of a human

Bone Studio is a design and coffee studio, started at Hong Kong in 2018. 

Boni Chow, the founder is an independent designer and art director with solid experiences in advertising and design industry. Meanwhile she is enthusiastic in coffee, and rewarded certificate in barista skills.


The name of "骨子裡" represents her belief. ‘BONE is the hardest part of a human’ and BONE STUDIO is the place we put our greatest effort to gain a kind of life we want to live. We believe there has something special in everyone's ‘bone’; Let's live differently and happily with our purposes.


Bonham Road Shop opened in 2020 and temporarily closed in mid-2023. After that, Boni took up a design job in Hokkaido, Japan for 4 months and now relocated BONE STUDIO to Kwun Tong Eastcore to develop her design and craft business.

If you are interested to join us or seek an opportunity to co-work with us. Welcome to send us a mail to say Hello.

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What we do ? 
Something beautiful and make people smile 


Creative thinking

& Design



& Art Direction


Art & Craft

Tutorial / Product



& Content Creation


Brew Coffee

& Cake making

What we do not do ?     
Bad design and something meaningless

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