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Kyo-Osaka Little Things

Kyo-Osaka Little Things



Kyo-Osaka Little Things

For  Coffee

For  The Light Life

人手量度尺寸 Hand-Measurement (~cm)

  1. 日製純木手工牛油刀 (
17X1.7)  $68
  2. Kalita 啞光工業風不銹鋼匙 Coffee Measure Spoon (17x4.5)   $168
  3. サラス 18-8 迷你小匙 SALUS Stainless steel spoon (12.8X1.3)  $38
  4. 京阪竹藝麵包小籃 Bamboo-Rattan basket  (21L X15W X H9)  $40
  5. 大阪幼竹手織橢圓小籃 (21,15,H9) $88
  6. ウィローウッド Japan Willow Wooden Tray (270 X200)  $178
  7.  Kalita 日製10g 長柄樹脂咖啡量匙 Coffee Measure Spoon (17x4.5)  $48
  8. 月免印日製300cc咖啡杯 Coffee Cup (Ø 9xH7)  $218


Goods from Japan

Photo by Bone Studio, copyright is reserved.

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